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Sunday 15th January 2017, first working day of 2017, not the best of days for the weather but things did improve towards the afternoon. Paul Lambert, Simon Thomas, Les Leggett, Malcolm Kirvin and Chris Platt carried out work inside the trailer car removing some rotten plywood and had a tidy up. Outside the rotten step boards were removed and work was started on removing the build up of years of caked in debris and dirt on the under frame. Next working day will be Saturday 28th January.

On 16th October the unit was moved tp a more accessible part of Baron Street sidings. Below are some photos of the move and the new tarpaulin covering 65451.

(First 6 photo's by Les Leggett, last 2 photo's of tarpaulins by Simon Thomas)

65461 cab plate photo by Malcolm Kirvin
10 Restored plates from 504 unit 65461+77182. Photo by Malcolm Kirvin


One of the two saved units during the 1990's at Ramsbottom. Photo by Brian Sutton.



The last day. M65456+M77177 passes Prestwich box.

An earlier restoration

Some pictures of a restoration project carried out on the trailer car 77172 done between 1998 and 2003. All doors were taken off and rubbed down and all door hinges cleaned up. The bottom of the trailer car sides had been cut out and new steel panels welded to replace rotten metal. The gutters on both sides were removed, cleaned, rubbed down and refitted and sealed before painting the unit. All the saloon windows were removed and frames checked for rust. Internally the trailer car was rewired completely. All wood in saloons was replaced and door panels replaced with stained and varnished plywood, also ceiling panels were removed to allow removal of old insulation and new insulation fitted before the ceiling was replaced. Two compartments were re fitted to show how the trailer car use to look when it had compartments when they first entered service. The body sides and roof were then painted.


Photo's by Malcolm Kirvin


Pictures to make grown men cry!

Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photo by Ardien Nicholls. Last time that M77175 was seen in one piece at MC Metals in Glasgow. Even in this condition it still looks smart.
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown. On 15th October 1980 M77174 attempted to take a short cut out of Millgate sidings.
Photographer unknown
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