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Events & Diary

The Next planned working day will be Sunday 26th May 2019

19th September 2018

Class 504 trailer car M77172 after emerging from the East Lancs Railway Loco Works and the units fromer home after 16 

weeks of restoration work carried out by society volunteers.


Thursday 10th May 2018

The trailer car 77172 was shunted into the loco works at Baron Street to enable essential welding and painting to be carried out. The power car 65451 remains under a tarpaulin in the sidings at Baron Street.


Thursday 30th November 2017

Members of the 504 Preservation Society Committee met with the ELR to discuss the short / medium term future of the 504 unit on the ELR with regards to the continual restoration and availability for getting the unit indoors to carry out essential welding and roof painting. A new restoration plan was presented to the ELR.


Copy of restoration plan

Class 504 restoration plan Nov 2017
504 restoration plan November 2017.doc.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [120.3 KB]


Wednesday 29th November 2017

Committee meeting


Sunday 10th Nov 2017

The 504 unit was shunted to Platform 4 for static display during the DMU Scenic Railcar weekend, then later returned to Baron Street sidings where the 2 cars of the unit have now been covered with tarpaulins for the winter.


2017 varios dates. 

Throughout 2017 work has progressed on restoration of the trailer car 77172 only. The power car 65451 is covered with a tarpaulin to protect it from the weather whilst work on restoring the trailer car continues as a priority. 


Saturday 3rd December

Power car 65451 all damaged windows have now been replaced making it watertight for the winter. It will eventually be covered with a tarpaulin to protect it over the winter. Sunday's volunteer working day has been cancelled due to lack of volunteers. New working dates for 2017 to be arranged in due course. The Class 504 Society wish all our members and volunteers a very happy Christmas and thank you all for your ongoing support. 


8th November2016

Today is the first anniversary of the formation of the Class 504 Preservation Society. After 12 months I am glad to say the future of the unit is now more secure and the threat of it being scrapped has now been lifted thanks to the efforts of the committee and volunteers who have put the effort in to work on the unit and give up their time to man the sales stands that have brought vital funds in to progress the restoration of the Class 504 unit.


I would also like to thank those people who have joined the society or made a donation to help the society progress this far and hope they will continue to give their support to add the project.


On behalf of the the Class 504 Preservation Society Committee


Simon Thomas


Sunday 16th October 2016

Two car 504 unit moved from where it has been for almost 20 years at Baron Street to another part of the sidings to enable easier access to carry out restoration work. .


Saturday 24th September and Sunday 25th September 2016

Sales stand at the ELR Autumn Gala.


15th September 2016

Simon Thomas and Paul Lambert met Mr Andy Morris and Mr Lee Kenny from the East Lancs Railway to inspect the work the Class 504 Preservation Society has carried out on the Class 504 Unit since last November. Both Mr Morris and Mr Kenny were satisfied with the condition the unit is now in and with the efforts of the Society.


The Class 504 Preservation Society has now been offered a restoration agreement from the ELR in which the Society has to formulate a restoration plan for both power car and trailer car, the Society also has a LMS 50ft Gangwayed Brake van which will also need to be considered with the restoration plan. This now means the unit has a secure future on the East Lancs Railway as a unique part of the local areas railway history.


The Society now has 12 months to complete the restoration of the trailer car to bring it to a satisfactory level so that it could possibly be used for events on the railway in the future. It is hoped that by early October the unit will be moved to allow access to both sides so that more work can be carried out the complete the next stage of the restoration. The Society would like to thank all its members for their support since the creation of the Society and hope they will continue to support us in the future.


Saturday 9th July & Sunday 10th July 2016

We will be having a stall at the ELR Diesel Gala. If you can help with the stall please let us know. Please visit the stall to show your support. We will also have 504 group merchandise on sale to help raise funds for the preservation project.


Sunday 31st July 2016 10.00am - 4.00pm

We will also be having a stall at the Stockport Rial Fest at Stockport Station. If you can help with the stall please let us know. Please visit our stall to show your support. We will also have 504 group merchandise on sale to help raise funds for the preservation project.



Sunday 8th May 2016 at 1.00pm.

Committee meeting at The Old White Lion (Back room), Bolton Street, Bury


Saturday 7th May 2016

The working group focussed on removing grafitti from the unit and cleaning windows and the interior. Well done all those who helped ou.

March & April 2016

Several work days have resulted in a group of volunteers getting the trailer car 77172 up to a respectable standard. On Sunday 24th April two new windows were fitted to the drivers cab making it water tight. Several more windows need replacing yet in the passenger comparments, and the work on this will be done over the coming weeks.

Work day Sunday 20th March 2016


Replaced all the damaged seats in the trailer car 77172 and gave compartments a good sweep out.

Looks as good now as when it was in service
It's amazing what you find behind seats. There must be a story behind this!

Thursday 17th March 2016


Paul Lambert and Simon Thomas fitted drop light windows in the unit. The driver and second mans side windows and the cab door on the drivers side have been replaced. 


Asbestos Survey Report


We have now recieved the offical Asbestos Survey Report. They say we do not need take any action on the bit found in the drivers cab where a small amount of asbestos containg concrete board was found, since we will not working on the area. We should now be able to continue work on the trailer car to be ready for our May deadline and hopefuly then start on the power car.


The full report can be read by clicking the icon below

8th March 2016


Asbestos Survey 65451 / 77172 1st March 2016
Asbestos survey 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

Work day Sunday 28th February 2016


Thanks to those who helped out on the work day. We managed to finish clearing out the compartments ready for the asbestos survey on 2nd March. All the spare seats that were stored in the units have now been removed and stored outside under tarpaulins. 


The Diesel Weekend on the East Lancs Railway 20th / 21st February 2016

Thank you to all who stopped by our stand at the ELR over the weekend, and said hi or bought our merchandise. And many thanks indeed to the volunteers who braved the cold to help man the stall without you we couldnt do this. We will advise you of any future events asap. So thank you all again.


24th January 2016 Working day.

A great working day and thanks to those who helped out. Much of the overgrown vegetation on the platform was cut back and tidied up, and the MK2 seat mouldings were stacked neatly ready for removal. Many of the spares that had been stored in the 504 unit were removed and placed in the brake van.


Before the work started clearing out stored spares
Half way through the clearout
One compartment cleared out, great progress on the first working day.
The site was in desperate need of a tidy up also.
No problem! Site cleared to allow accesss to the unit.
The brake van has seen better days but has come in handy for storage.


02nd January 2016 New website launched
Our new website launched this date 


20th December 2015 Committee meeting, Bury
Committee discussed the way forward with a restoration plan. An asbestos survey is being arranged for the new year, and a new bank account is being set up in the new name of the society. Additional work clearing the site of rubbish and overgrown weeds and branches is also planned for early in the new year. Volunteers needed but they will need to be a member of the ELR and also to have registered with them as a working member.


08th December 2015 Covering the 504 unit
Simon Thomas and Paul Lambert today went down to the East Lancs Rly to put wooden boards over the missing cab windows and also re tarped the entire front end so the unit is waterproof and weather proof.

03rd December 2015 Working Day
Following from Simon Thomas's post re work days we are looking at Saturday the 20th December. We realise that this is very close to Christmas however we need people to help sort the tarps out better than they are. There were only 2 people on site today and in a few short hours they have done a brilliant job. So with more bodies we may be able to actually fully secure the entire unit as this will winterise the unit prior to the asbestos survey taking place in the early new year. We still need donations towards both the survey and future restoration work for the unit. Donations can be made via Paypal using the donate button on our website. Please use friends and family option on Paypal to save us the fees. Remember folks we can do this but ONLY with your help, both financial and physical.

02nd December 2015 Working Permit
We have today received the formal permit from the ELR to enable us to re start work on the unit. The first priority will be removing all the spare parts that have just been dumped in the unit into storage to enable the asbestos survey to take place, so we will shortly be posting details of the first work day. Before that we still need people to donate as much or as little as you can afford so we can pay for the asbestos survey and also towards the costs of the restoration. So please help us out you can donate using Paypal. Please help us do this either by joining the society or donating. Many thanks.​

01st December 2015 New Appointed Events Manager
We now have a new events and fundraising person aboard on the committee to help us raise our profile and also much needed funds so we can restore the unit back to as new. Welcome and thanks to Dave Birchall for agreeing to taking on this role for the Group.

8th November 2015 - First Committee Meeting
Thank you very much to all who attended today's meeting it was very informative and interesting we have now agreed the committee and a full long term restoration plan. We will also have a membership scheme available very shortly which will be £15.00 for a year or £40.00 for 3 year membership.
Please note in order to work on the unit you will need to be a member of both the 504 Preservation Society and the ELR for insurance and safety reasons.

07th October 2015 - 504 Unit Secured

The Committee are delighted to announce that the 504 Preservation Society has now secured the unit that currently resides at East Lancs Railway. Following the excitement last night when we secured the unit this is now when all the hard work starts. Firstly we will need to reach a new agreement with the ELR regarding working parties etc. we also need to undertake a survey of the unit to assesses its overall condition which does not look terrible, as it's previous owners have done a fantastic job of restoring 1 unit so thanks must go to them for all their hard work. We do need a project manager for this so if any of you so if any of you want to get on board and help us with that please get in touch. In the near future merchandise and also membership schemes will be available to buy to help raise much needed funds to restore the units, we will need help to restore the unit and a few have expressed interest in helping us out watch this space for further information re these. If you can help in any way please do get in touch with us we need volunteers and funds without these 2 things no restoration project can succeed!!! Thanks for all your support so far but we still have a very long way to go. 

30th September 2015 - Chairman's Comment
Apologies for the lack of updates but a lot is happening behind the scenes. With luck and a following wind we will have the agreement signed that formally hands the unit over to the 504 society by next week. We will then need to arrange with the East Lancs for working members to undertake safety training etc following that working parties can begin. The first priority will be to make it secure and watertight. We have a number of spares for the unit so we will need to inventory exactly what we have got and where. I am hoping to visit the ELR next week with the current owners of the unit to have a look around it and also sign the agreement that will give us custody. We still need people to help us restore the unit and also people to sit on the committee. If you are interested please contact me.

28th September 2015 - Volunteers
The 504 Preservation Society are on the look out for anyone who would like to become a "Working Volunteer" to help preserve this iconic northern electric unit. We are looking for people who have specialised trade and people who are happy to just get stuck in to help with what-ever work is required.
If you are interested and would like to become a "working
volunteer" then please send us a message via the Contact page.
The Committee board are currently in the process of formally setting up the Society, to which the H&S Rules & Regulations will be agreed.
We will keep you updated as more information comes available.

25th September 2015 - Forming a new Committee
A meeting will be taking place w/c 28/09/15 date tbc to formalise the Society Committee, we will notify you of the new Group Committee members once the meeting has taken place.

24th September 2015 - Welcome to the New Web Page
Welcome to the ne 504 Preservation Society Webpage which has been created to support and promote the preservation of the 504 unit 77172 7 & 65451. This website is to keep members and other interested parties up to date with the preservation of the EMU.

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