UPDATE: March 2020

The Society has been woking behind the scenes and working on some internal components from the Class 504 interior away from the ELR site recently. Replacement ceiling boards have now been purchased and will be installed in the near future. The Society is currently rasing funds towards the cost and fitment of new hardwood doorstep inserts and also replacement flooring in both the power car and trailer car. 


Unfortunately towards the end of 2019 our Membership advised the committee that due to personal reasons and health resaons he would be unable to continue in this role and would be giving up as a working voluteer on the unit. If you membeship was due to expire at the end of 2019 you will be shortly receiving a renewal form. Unfortunately since the May 2018 GDPR rules some members didnt return there membeship renewals giving the society permission to contact them regards their membership or information about the Society and the progress on the unit?


The Society has also recently lost a number of its working members due to various reasons but not through any fault of the Society and its progress with the restoration of the Class 504 unit. If you would like to help and work on the unit please contact the Society via the 'Contact us' page on this website and the Society will be happy to advise you what you need to do to be come a working member. 

Please Donate

Please donate and support the restoration work on the last remaining class 504




No experience is necessary as there will be both skilled and unskilled jobs to do, all we ask for is that you are a member of the East Lancs Railway and have carried out their basic safety course (if you haven't then this can be arranged), and that you have lots of enthusiasm and don't mind working outside in the wonderful unpredictable Northern weather. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact Paul Lambert (Project Manager) by email: projectmanager@class504preservationsociety.co.uk  or via Facebook.

Work Days

There are currently no working day planned. Please keep checking back to see any updates for new working dates.


All dates are subject to change and we will give as much notice as we can of any changes


Meet at the 504 unit on Baron Street at 10.00am.


Please note: Anyone who wants

to work on the unit MUST be a member of the East Lancs Railway. No exceptions.


The Class 504 Preservation Society


The committee of the 504 Preservation Society was formed on the 8th November 2015 with the intention of restoring and preserving the last remaining Class 504 Electric Multiple Unit.


The first task of the Society was to be to get the units covered and protected from the elements over the coming winter months. 


Internally, restoration of the Driving Trailer (M77172) is almost complete and only needs a minimum amount of work to bring it to a presentable condition. A large number of window glass and rubber window seals were recently refitted and the unit is now water tight. 


The Driving motor (M65451) is a different case. Internally the saloon and cab lighting has been rewired as well as the driver’s control desk. The roof insulation has been replaced but the roof panels still need to be purchased and fitted, a number of seat frames require restoring. Externally the bodywork on this car is in a poor condition although some repaneling work did take place in the past, however, because it has been left open to the elements for a number of years it now require considerable work to bring it back to a presentable condition.

An asbestos assessment on both cars has been carried out, which was required before any intrusive work could be carried out during restoration. An approved contactor has carried out the assessment and have given the unit a clean bill of health.

On 16th October 2016 the unit was moved to another part of the Baron Street sidings to allow allround access to carry ot the full restoration of both cars. Further work on the trailer car 77172 has been carried out since the move by a regular team of volunteers but there is still much more work needed on both cars.

On 10th May 2018 the trailer car 77172 was shunted into the loco works at Baron Street to enable ungent welding and painting work to be carried out.

Please support the restoration by making a donation to the society. The Donate button is at the top left of this page.

Thank you.



Above: Recent photos of restoration work on the 504.

Why not join us on one of our workdays and help the team with the restoration.

No experience required.

Where we started, where we are at and what's next. A report by your project manager.

After being left out in the open for several years a new group was formed to start saving the sole surviving Bury to Manchester Class 504 EMU. After a successful asbestos survey, work started in November 2015 on the preservation. The priority has been to restore the trailer car 77172, and once that has been completed work can then start on the power car 65451.


Throughout 2016 a small group of volunteers focussed on carrying out the replacement of damaged windows, renovating the interior and removing external graffiti. Over the last few months of 2017 the chassis has been cleaned up and repainted with excellent progress being made by our small but dedicated team.


In November 2017 the power car and trailer car are booked to go on display on platform 4 at Bury Bolton Street for the DMU event. Between now and then we plan the following works:

  • Replace all the rotten wiring conduit.
  • Rub down and repaint the roof.
  • Repair the body side as necessary, undercoat and top coat in Blue and apply decals.
  • Purchase and fit new side steps.

The above will be done on what will be the platform side only, ready for display.

  • The nose end will also receive attention to bodywork and a fresh coat of blue and yellow paint applied.
  • The buffers and buffer beam will also be cleaned up and painted.
  • A general tidy and clean up inside.

As always any help will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Paul Lambert if you can help in any way, via social media or on the following email address: projectmanager@class504preservationsociety.co.uk


Many thanks to all our volunteers and supporters. 


On 19th September 2018 the trailer car was shunted out of the loco works at Baron Street following restoration.

The Class 504 Preservation Society would like to thank everyone who helped with the work. 

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