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No experience is necessary as there will be both skilled and unskilled jobs to do, all we ask for is that you are a member of the East Lancs Railway and have carried out their basic safety course (if you haven't then this can be arranged), and that you have lots of enthusiasm and don't mind working outside in the wonderful unpredictable Northern weather. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact Paul Lambert (Project Manager) by email:      or via Facebook.

Work Days

The next working dates for 2017 are: 


Sunday July 2nd

Sunday July 30th

Sunday August 27th

Sunday September 24th

Sunday October 22nd

Sunday November 19th

Sunday December 17th


Meet at the 504 unit on Baron Street at 10.00am.


All dates may be subject to change or additional dates added in-between these dates.


Please note: Anyone who wants

to work on the unit MUST be a member of the East Lancs Railway. No exceptions.


The Class 504 Preservation Society


The committee of the 504 Preservation Society was formed on the 8th November 2015 with the intention of restoring and preserving the last remaining Class 504 Electric Multiple Unit.


The first task of the Society was to be to get the units covered and protected from the elements over the coming winter months. 


Internally, restoration of the Driving Trailer (M77172) is almost complete and only needs a minimum amount of work to bring it to a presentable condition. A large number of window glass and rubber window seals were recently refitted and the unit is now water tight. 


The Driving motor (M65451) is a different case. Internally the saloon and cab lighting has been rewired as well as the driver’s control desk. The roof insulation has been replaced but the roof panels still need to be purchased and fitted, a number of seat frames require restoring. Externally the bodywork on this car is in a poor condition although some repaneling work did take place in the past, however, because it has been left open to the elements for a number of years it now require considerable work to bring it back to a presentable condition.

An asbestos assessment on both cars has been carried out, which was required before any intrusive work could be carried out during restoration. An approved contactor has carried out the assessment and have given the unit a clean bill of health.

On 16th October 2016 the unit was moved to another part of the Baron Street sidings to allow allround access to carry ot the full restoration of both cars. Further work on the trailer car 77172 has been carried out since the move by a regular team of volunteers but there is still much more work needed on both cars.

Please support the restoration by making a donation to the society. The Donate button is at the top left of this page.

Thank you.



Above: Recent photos of restoration work on the 504.

Why not join us on one of our workdays and help the team with the restoration.

No experience required.

Where we started, where we are at and what's next. A report by your project manager.

After being left out in the open for several years a new group formed to start saving the sole surviving Bury to Manchester Class 504 EMU. After a successful asbestos survey we started work last November and up until today have carried out the following work:


  • Clearing the undergrowth away from the platform where the unit currently lives.

  • Removing all the spares that had been stored in the trailer car and power car and relocating elsewhere (not an easy job as there's loads of it!)

  • Clearing out rubbish that had accumulated in both cars.

  • Cleared years worth of cobwebs/dead insects muck and dust from the trailer car that had accumulated over the years.

  • Cleaned out all the broken glass from the cab and saloon areas.

  • Cleared the gutters to help the rain drain away from the roofs.

  • Swept and dusted the trailer car interior (several times).

  • Refitted as many broken windows on the trailer car as possible, including the 3 windscreens, cab dropglasses, cab door dropglass and various saloon fixed windows and door dropglasses.

  • Removed all the graffiti from the platform side and the front of the trailer car.

  • Cleaned all the trailer car windows both internally and externally.

  • Made a start on removing the flaking paint off the fibreglass cab roof on the trailer car.

  • Lubricated all door catches, lock mechanisms and hinges on the trailer car.

  • Removed flaking paint from the cab roof interior on the trailer car.

  • Cleaned out years of cobwebs/dirt and dust from the power car.

  • Cleared a space in the guards van in the power car to eventually use as a small workshop area.

  • Removed any seats from the trailer car that were deemed too damaged due to rips/tears and damp and replaced with good seats borrowed from the power car.

  • Refitted several end and side luggage racks in the trailer car saloons.

  • Washed dirt and mould off the trailer car interior roof panels.

  • Made a start on cleaning years of dirt off the trailer car exterior.

    So overall a vast amount of work has been carried out since we started work on the unit. We are now at a stage where work has started on the trailer car bodywork, rubbing down, de-rusting, filling dents, further rubbing down and treating with red oxide undercoat to protect until further paintwork is progressed. Further work still to be carried out on the trailer car cannot be progressed until the unit is moved from it's current location as we need access to the other side to fit a couple more windows and to attend to yet more graffiti. Once this is carried out a further assessment will be made of the trailer car to establish what work we need to progress next and prioritise it as necessary. At this stage it seems various rotten timbers are going to need replacement and the floor in many of the saloon compartments is going to need attention. The exterior roof and bodywork will also need a full repaint in a colour yet to be decided. The chassis (sole bar) will need to be needlegunned and patched up as necessary then repainted but again this cannot be progressed until the unit is moved away from the platform.

    Once the trailer car has been progressed to a suitable standard then work will turn to the power car which is in need of much more love and attention. Work on the power car will include removal of rotten body panels and the fabrication of new ones as well as other general body side repairs. Replacement interior roof panels need to be sourced and fitted along with the interior lights, luggage racks etc. etc. The cab instruments and switchgear also need refitting from our supply of spares.

    So in a nutshell, we have made an excellent start on the project but still have much more to do over the coming months. I would like to personally thank all those that have been involved in the project thus far:

    Andy Bennett; Joshua Haworth; Les Leggett; Malcolm Kirvin; Paul Dore; Sam Kennion; Simon Thomas; Timothy Stronach

    As the summer holidays are now upon us and many families will be going on holiday, I intend to suspend working parties until September. As always, new working members are always welcome. The only stipulation if you want to help out on the unit, is you must be a member of the East Lancashire Railway and must be prepared to attend their basic safety course and medical if you haven't already done so. If you wish to contact me for any further information then you can contact me via social media or via email at the following address:

    Many thanks again to all our volunteers and supporters, it means so much!

    Paul Lambert
    Class 504 PS Project Manager  23rd July 2016

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